Or am I just remembering something

On my way to experience new things.. Or am I just remembering something that I already felt?

All recent nights was of madness, depression; endless hours of darkness. I'm not seeing a human when i look back; all i see is a monster but in all those I'm seeing a calm beast in a beautiful background. As me all the monsters have beautiful, mind blowing background. people turn in to monsters when they have everything and still they go for things beyond what they have; its when they don't appreciate what  they have.

A monster never look into the sky and appreciate its beauty; how artistically the almighty have arranged them. Like a beautiful necklace for the dark sky. Never notice a small flower and absorb its angelic beauty.

When i looked in the mirror the back-light of the tablet in the darkness made me look like a demon with no eyes and shining teeth. But I'm learning to see the beauty. The headlight  of opposing vehicles forming golden shining in the mist. I smiled.

I smile. Smile seals everything. Its the greatest gift you have, smiles are contagious; so smile as much as you can.