Talk to Remember

-She sat on the porch.. only the moon giving her company... together they listened to the universe.. her eyes closed.. his eyes on her.

-And the universe spoke to them. In the language of love, telling them the stories that they wished to hear.

-Stories that would never come true no matter how much she wished it... stories which if they came true, would be more beautiful than the most beautiful dreams... but sometimes, life comes in the way..... realities come in the way... 

-But still she hoped, she hoped that someday these stories will come true. She wanted to cry out of joy, cause she is hearing her dreams from her companion; the universe.

-Yes of course she hoped, but she didn't know she would be betrayed by her universe... left alone to stare hopelessly at the shattered dreams lying at her feet..

-But she didn't gave up. she took those pieces in her hand. Put it on the mat of life, fixed them again with glue of hope :) and went against Universe.

-It was hope that was shattered and hope cannot be glued with hope. it can only be replaced by reality.

-Hope can be glued with love.

-That was what she was trying to do

Borrowed from a comment session with a friend