I took off, started my journey..

Missing wild laughs and unplanned trips. 
Wanna break free from self made prison.
Even though I'm not yet satisfied with the punishment I gave myself; 

Its time to fly, I will be back to my old prison; till then...

I was someone who fall in love with road.. Road always accepted me, provided me with never ending relationships, taught me life experience, shown me wonders...

I left all of that, pushed myself into a dark corner of self-made prison. I always argued myself that I deserve more punishment. I punished myself as much as I can. Everyday, every night I pushed my self into my torturing room..

But one day morning I felt that I need a gap or else I will turn mad, I needed to get out of this prison, just to see what the world has there to offer me. i started with a smile.

Now I can see how much realizing my mistake can change me. I understood I'm not perfect, I'm not good as I thought I'm. I started to change myself.

First step I took: Accepting the mistakes I have done.
I know all the mistake I have done, I regret those and decided not to make anymore mistakes to make the past one right. I don't know whether that's the right decision. But that's what I took.

Second step: Smile
I started to smile, not a true smile always. But I don't know how it helped me to accept things happily. I stopped getting angry unnecessarily. Life started to move in the way I love it.

It's then i decided to breakout. decided to travel to see, to feel all that world has to show me...

I can here the cries that I created. Even though my mind starts running towards that my legs stops.. remembering myself my decisions..

But when I decided to love the road, nothing stood between me and road. Maybe universe decided that I need to see to understand to get closure.

But when I took off I said to my cell that I will be back again to suffer in those chains..