Let them Fly high

As usual it's been long since I have wrote something. I write when I’m hurt from inside. I love to write about my dark side, that's a quality of my depressed alter ego I might feel as a plus point.

Today I write cause I saw a movie that told me something that I felt as truth always inside. A movie that I label as ‘go watch this one’.  

Recently there has been many development in this society that are facepalm moments for a person who thinks beyond himself. I’m a guy who thinks it's better to do something that you can rather than talking a shitload about that. There are scenarios in life where you might not be able to act as you want to.

The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality

I’m just an another guy who you see at a bus stop who is worried about the things happening in the society. But I’m not the guy who shares the concerns about the moral wrong and right of the government or police. Or the guy who shouts in the shadow of a social media asking the authorities to lay the culprit free and I will handle it. I’m the guy who tries to do this as right as he can in this unjust society.

My methods or actions may not be the best one, or may not be the one my alter ego tells me to do, or even my hearts wants me to do. But those are the ones that I can do with all the strings attached to me. I’m a puppet of the society who fears to break the sacred thread but which wants to do things the right way.

Ah about the movie, it’s ‘Pink’ I loved it.. I just loved it. I have seen those rule books in action. I have seen people who live by that rule book and unfortunately most of those are men. I say Fuck those books. Every single girl is free bird, let her be free. Let her fly. Let her enjoy all the good and bad things that comes by them.

Be there, be there for her who wants a shoulder, who wants a friend, who wants you to be her shelter, who wants you to be her brother, father, or whatever she wants to be. A girls courage is not on you, it on how you be there for here.

In the journey of life, don’t judge anyone by how they travel.. They have their own journeys respect that. No one wants you to judge them, everyone fucking hate people judging them. See them as they are. Not every boy or girl who spend time together or chats daily are lovers, change the foolish perspective, grow up.

I want to stand up on a bench on top of the tallest place in the world and shout to all of ypu ‘Grow up’.

There is friendship between a boy and girl not just love or kasamusa, grow up people.

Yeah, I know that there might be kasamusa. But who are you to judge them. Who are you to stop them. You can talk to them get to know them and tell them what you think of it. But you don't have the right to decide things for them. Let them learn from themselves.

And finally no means No.

If you haven’t watched the movie, please do watch this one.