Crazy people

You find crazy people in life where you never expect to find them. Crazy in the good sense.

I was planning to write about that person, but never known where to start, still don't know where to start. Every day was like meeting a new version of her, something is always there to surprise me. Oh man I do love surprises, I always like stuff as weird as it goes; it's just I'm lazy to do new stuffs, so prefer to find craziness in people, books and in travel.

I have a whole bunch of crazy people in my contact list. And there are those who stand out, who stood with me for a while and for a lot more than that. Every single one taught me something new. Made me what I'm today.

Good or bad; you are what you are cause of the people you have in life. Every experience you have with someone is to treasures, you will never be able to recreate it ever again. Learn from it, give it a spot in your memory crystal; treasure it. Good or bad; it makes you, You.

I always considered memories as a bad place to be. May be because I left a monster there and I was terrified to go back there. I am physically strong enough to kill that but not mentally strong to fight that. We all need that side-kick who kicks you in the ass and reminds you how strong you are. Guides you to the villain so that you can get rid of it for ever. And she was my side kick. It made me realize that may be side kicks are far more important than heroes.

I'm not good at reading people, but this one I can read, its not like I know everything about her. But just how shes gonna respond.

When I lay it out there was nothing common, no goals that we share, no similar tastes. But there is something that makes every version interesting.

There is a story for every one. A moment where the decide to be what they are now. A moment which made a hell out of a heaven or a heaven out of hell. And all you need is one person to survive the hell.

Its all about the decision of that moment which decides who you are. And we might need someone to shake you up to make you see things clearly. It might not be anything new but just a new perspective.

Its not about seeing the world as it is. Its about seeing it from another perspective to get a clearer picture. My curiosity started when I saw the unusual WhatsApp status, they way you pictured a friend as relative animal, it was a fresh perspective for me. And from then on you are always new to me.

You made me realize, I don't know so many things. But most importantly there is always a new angle to see things.

Thank you Crazy..