We are proud to call us GOLD Generation

I ain't old generation I ain't new generation. I'm gold generation.

We are ride our bikes; go on long road trips, not cause its cool cause we love to travel. We need no RE we are satisfied with what ever takes us to the destination.

Remembering 300 km plus rides on HH Passion, Pulsur 180, Yamaha YBX, TVS Jive.

We enjoy Nolan, Fincher,.. films but we awe to the Padmarajan  , Bharathan, ... films, cherish them feel them.

Remembering ThoovanathumbikalNamukku Parkkan Munthiri ThoppukalKariyilakkattu Pole, and a lot .

We are pretty good with English but love to talk in Malayalam.

We are the people who have friends, Friends who criticize you and be with you the same time. Friends who are still friends even after years of no communication.

We are no the people who hate new mix of nostalgic songs or who says new mix is better than the old;  We are those who love both in its own way.

We are not those who chose our profession cause its cool, we are those who are in field cause we love the field.

We are guys who shared the juice cause its fun to fight with friends for the last sip not those who waste the juice.

We became entrepreneur because we were passionate about the ideas, not because its an idea we had.

We are those who stood for reducing the fee to study in the college, not those who stood to kiss in the public.

We are those who are with the notion of new generation movement Kiss of Love, But who believe my love is not to showcase for public.

We are those who read more news and articles than facebook, twitter feeds.

And we are the last generation whose childhood picture was not snapped in a mobile camera.

We don't have a closed mind set as old generation; not  an open mindset as the new generation. We have a filtered mind set, Which was molded by experience, reading and society.

We are proud to call us GOLD Generation