What will you do if you were invisible?

“What will you do if you were invisible?”

This question just popped into my mind.. What will I do? I couldn’t find any answers.. So I started asking around.. The answers were just awesome.

The answers were funny, serious; all kinds were there.

Some wants to know how much their loved ones love them, some wants to correct some mistakes, some wants to steal, some do something naughty.

Despite of all the answers, all are imaginative, all have fantasies, all are just awesome.

Then I started questioning myself. What will I do?

And the answer was so obvious I will run away.. Hide in some place that no one finds me.

In a serious note : This is one of a question that is asked in interviews that comes under the ‘Emotional Questions’.

The right answer maybe : No one wants to be invisible for ever; so my first task after being invisible will be to find out how I will get back to visible.

Note: some one wants to kill me when he is invisible :)