The seconds of taking Decision

 "God is not a judgemental giant sitting up in heaven, it's a force within us all - we are lightbulbs in the electrical system of the universe.” 

I was a teenager who was never thankful to anyone. Every time when I succeeded I believed it's solely depended on my good acts. I hate people telling "Oh! its fate", I stand in a postion believing; I, myself create my own 'heaven' and 'hell'. 
To begin the journey you have to packup and leave. I mean pack our mind and concentrate; leave all the worries. But as a mere human its impossible to leave worries, it will be always in our mind. And our mind is like a wild horse it always run madly through the thought paths. To make the mind rest or to be in a postion we have to do what ever our 'Karma' is.  
The first step to concentrate and control our mind the path is 'KARMA'. It will help our mind to be concentrated so that the decisions will be good and well thought.
All these are my concepts and I'm open for rethinking my path. Once I finish this step I will move on to the next.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu "