Wake me up from this dream

I just wanna wake-up from this bad dream... Please someone tell me how to wake-up. Someone please wake me up.. please..

I wanna cry out loud but no sound came out. Isn't this a dream?? It is.. It should be.. Don't tell me otherwise..

I was shivering, the realization of how bad I'm struck like lightening on me. This is the magic about Almighty; he puts up alarm just in time. What will happen if the alarm was late, no one knew. All we can do is pray for it to be on time.

I'm sure we all are his favorite children. He must have shown the danger signs through out our path, and we were too comfortable to notice that.

When I look back in time I see all those signs, I wonder why I didn't notice it as a sign. The thoughts are eating me up.. The guilty conscience has turned into depression, hating myself. How long I have to hold up like these?

There are moments I began to fight it, fight against these depressions; trying to break myself free from all the worries sadness, guilt and depression. But what all we need is a lonely moment to get back on the same train of thoughts and finally ending up hating myself.

Sometimes my alter ego comes into action, he starts blaming others; defining others as the root cause of all the issues and faults, And I starts fighting with it and sometimes I win sometimes I loose but I fight.

And at last I blame me for all, I could have taken the right decision at the moments, Then he argues to me what is right.

Right and wrong is based on perspective, what is 'right' to me may not be 'right' to someone else. So to which 'right' am I struggling for.

I'm not sure of it, still haven't figured that.. But I try to be grateful for all he gave to me, and hope he wakes me up from this dream..