You'll find your beloved..

The one that you search for, outside,
He's sitting inside (you), hiding..
There is a sea inside you, why do you search here and there..

Move the curtains of mind behind,
and open the veil..
You'll find your beloved..
You'll find your beloved...

To lose after finding, and to find after losing,
it has been happening (for long)..
He is with (you) like a companion,
He's a shadow..

You haven't cheated anyone,
Just live from my heart..
I have to sow Him in your heart slowly...

What have you seen if you've only seen that you have seen (with your eyes)
See what no one else has ever seen..
Such things are not seen with eyes..
If you close your eyes, everything can be seen..
You'll find your beloved..

I have to get him only, I have to touch him alone, 
Nowhere do I find him, nowhere are you there..
Where he's not there, there it's emptiness.. here, there is emptiness..

You'll find your beloved..
You'll find your beloved...

Disclamer: English translation of Piya Milennge from Raanjhanaa