I flew up again

I flew up again,

I have flown and left the world below, now I am all yours,
now people are miles away and all the valleys are away..
again some cloud, filled with smoke, comes to touch
but some cloud might get my body wet, it never happens..

I never stopped at any scenery,
I never met even myself,
I have this complaint but I am not angry,
all cities are same, villages same,
people are same and same names..

I flew up again,

these earth-like dreams, however much you dust them from eyelids,
they come back..
So many dreams, how should I say I have-
broken, left, and why..
Now why are they stirring again..

sometimes from branch to branch, sometimes leaf to leaf,

with me, it goes, in pain,
sometimes desert, sometimes rainy season,
why should I become Raavan (villain) bearing with so much trouble,
sometimes from branch to branch, sometimes leaf to leaf,
sometimes day is night and sometimes day is day..
what is truth and what is a mirage, oh God..

Here and there, scattered,

who knows may be wind takes me in your direction,
your memories draw me,
draw me in your direction..

I fly in colorful palaces..

I keep flying in colorful palaces..

Disclamer: English translation of Phir Se Ud Chala from Rockstar