Beginning of the Night

He was sitting on his bed and sweating. Even though he was just out of shower the humidity let him stay wet. He took a sip of water from the water bottle and sighed.
Hari, an average built with a keen eye with good observation power that was him. He believes that he is good in observation and analyzing people.
He arranged the pillow to the wall and leaned on it. Took the laptop and placed it on his lap and switched it on.

It was a single room with attached bathroom. The bed was not arranged; covered with novels, notebooks, electronics and biological texts, a black bag, open parcel with some food left in it, some dress, etc.

His phone rang.
He waited till the last bell and then attended the call
“Good evening.”
“Actually it’s Good morning.”
“So today is Jan 27th not 26th, right?”
“Yes darling; and I got a case for you.”
“Case? You know I don’t take those marriage or other silly cases.”
“This is not like that my lazy fellow…”
“Interested in anything confusing?”
He smiled
“When shall I drop in sweetie?”
“Whenever you wish princess” His eyes shined.

He made himself comfort in the bed. His laptop started played ‘Raag Madhuvanti Ghazal’ by Bismillah Khan. Slowly he submerged himself in the slow paced dark shade.
Knock on the door made him aware of the nap he was taking.

It was an old lady in her late 50’s at the door. Hari peeped through the keyhole and opened the door with a broad smile and welcomed her in. Pushed the books and made some free place on the bed and asked her to be seated.

As she gazed around that mess she saw the clip board with newspaper cutting and smiled at him.

“Do you still chase him?”

He didn't bother to answer he took then laptop and showed it to her, a map with more than 200 points marked. The map’s heading said ‘Asura’.
As the mouse pointer moved through the points shown in the map, she noted something, none of that felt significant. It was like he is wandering aimlessly, without her approval two tear drops left her eyes traveled her cheeks and landed on the laptop.
Hari touched her feet. She looked at him and smiled weakly.

The water flowed so violently crushing and pushing through everything that stood in its way. He liked Hogenakkal, it’s something like his inner self. Pushing forward all the time destroying everything that stood in the way, like a brave Asura.

It was dark, even though he couldn't see the water. He was seeing it through his inner eyes. The power that will overcome, that will end his madness.

He wanted to finish this, His final chapter.