What if I'm not who I think I'm?

What if I'm not who I think I'm?

We advertise about ourselves. We suffered that we suffered this, we went through this and that, we did this and that..  Have we done all that? Is it by choice?

We think we share the pain when we talk with someone with pain, But does their pain reduces just cause we listen to them?

It won't. If I wanna reduce my pain, I have to act according to it. No one else can reduce it.

We share cause we are human beings, cause we depends..

I have a dark passenger to depend on. Is he dependable?

I was  trying to rise from this dark pit toward the light I see. But someone is getting to me, someone is pulling me deeper into the dark.

Once I saw that light in close-up; It opened my eyes to a small flashback, showing me the path I travelled.

Asked me.. Am I what I think I'm?