How things Work?

Sometimes its just how things work, with a little weight in the heart. The pain of not reaching where we wanna reach. The pain of not being able to do what we wanna do.

Some people cry about it, some smile. May be smiling is better cause at least it increases the lifetime. What good will crying do?

Anyway do we want a long lifetime. I prefer a small lifetime, so I don’t have to hurt more people. I can blame all on someone else, but how can I blame when I know I’m the sole reason behind it. Will blaming someone decrease the weight in my soul? No it won’t. What if I don’t worth a penny?

Why do I waste a lot of time? I think I’m addicted that’s why i waste time.

But what am I addicted to? I’m addicted to running away from responsibilities.

But I do take initiative and do work? But those are just a few times and on those times also I thought of running away.

Even though I thought so I completed those works. Why can't I do like that always? Maybe its because I'm not confident that i am capable of that.

Or maybe I think I fail.

Or I’m just Lazy