Do I know what I'm running away from? I think I know. But its picture is not clear, maybe its cause I'm looking into a blurred image of myself.

Am I hunting me? No.. No way that’s gonna happen.. But it’s happening.. Why am I hunting myself?

If I'm hunted by me will the running ever stop?

I have to stop this. How much more can I run? How much more time does I have? Not much, I have to act quickly.

Is it about what i did? or what I have gone through?

I am never a stubborn or cunning in my opinion. But acted as if I’m smart. May be that’s what got me here..

It was too late when I discovered that I don’t even know how to live a life. It’s the cries of the people I hurted that disturbs me. It’s my past.

I don’t get away with it. This is how it begins and ends.